Pilot Program

  • Are you interested in getting early access to cool new features?
  • Would you like a free GM account with extra upgrades included?
  • Do you GM a routine game, from which you could provide feedback to us regarding the app?
  • Does having a direct line to the RPGSmith team to provide input and suggestions for adjustments intrigue you?
We’re looking for a number of Pilot users to help play-test, validate, and improve RPGSmith. If this sounds like something for which you’d be interested, simply fill out the form below and hit ‘Request a Pilot Account’. Be sure to include a valid email address and we’ll get back to you.
What We’re Interested In.
We’re going to be looking for GMs of different games to help validate different aspects of RPGSmith. So while we do need GMs of 5e, we can only accept so many GMs of a given system.
We’re also looking for GMs that will use the tool routinely to help give consistent feedback. If we provide a pilot account which rarely or never gets used, we may revoke it at a later date to open up that slot for another GM. 
What’s In This For Me?
With a pilot account you get:
  • A free GM account in our Isolated Pilot Environment.
  • Early access to new feature and capabilities.
  • Free Additional Rule Set/Campaign Slots.
  • Free Additional Player Slots.
  • Free Additional Character Slots.
  • Free early access to content. (both free and paid).
  • Priority communication channel to RPGSmith staff for feedback and questions.

Complete the short application form below to request your Pilot GM account.

Provide valid email address, we’ll be in touch.

The fine print.
Pilot accounts are limited, we are looking for active users who will provide us feedback to improve RPGSmith. We reserve the right to revoke pilot accounts due to various reasons which include, but are not limted to a lack of useage, lack of submitting or providing invalid feedback, or any reason we deem not in the spirit of the intended Pilot Program useage.