Help Wanted!

Our mission is to provide the best possible tool with the most complete set of content possible. The primary goal of RPGSmith is to help gamers get the most out of the time they have gaming with their friends. We’re in need of other like-minded people who can help us get the word out, improve upon our service, and perfect our content offerings.

If you’re interested, read the roles listed below to see if one suits your capabilities. If you feel you’re the right person for the job, send us an email and let us know how you could help, why you want to get involved, and why we can’t do this without? Provided we like your answers you can then join the team and share in the rewards! 

Marketing / Social Media Expert

We need someone who can drive our online marketing presense through social media and any other mechanisms.

We know we have an awesome product that can revolutionize the way these games are played. We just have to get people to see it. Can you help us achieve our goals?

This position would pay in a revenue sharing model. The better we do overall, the more you could make.

Reach out and tell us your qualification, experience, and how you could help.

Content Creators/ Owners

Have you created an awesome Tabletop RPG? Having a rule set in RPGSmith which your customers could quickly add to create characters or run a game is a snap. You could choose to offer for free or set the price you’d like to charge for the content and share in the revenue with RPGSmith.

There’s no downside for you and having content in RPGSmith would help promote your application, showcase its capabilities, and make learning and running your game a breeze.

Does your game have a bunch of content? Great, the more the better.   Don’t worry about how to get all of that added, we can help import the data.

Contact us to start the discussion.

Subject Matter Experts

RPGSmith can be configured to run any tabletop RPG. Just because we’ve built the app to do this, doesn’t mean we are a GURU in every tabletop RPG on the market, there’s like hundreds of them.

We need Subject Matter Experts for various games to help establish, manage, maintain, and update the Core Rule Sets we have for the various TableTop RPGs.

Providing we can get licensing/approval to sell the content for these rule sets, the assigned SME would receieve a portion of each sale. The better the Rule Set, the more it sells, the more the SME makes.

What game would you be a good Subject Matter Expert to manage? Send us your thoughts and qualifications.