RPGSmith is… 

The complete tool set providing end to end functionality for running any Tabletop RPG. Accessible from any device, RPGSmith is designed to provide quick and easy access to all the information and functions needed by Players and the GM alike to streamline gameplay and immerse you into the action.

GMs maintain total control over their campaign by creating and managing record types like Monsters, Buffs, & Loot. While players can track and update their inventory, spells, abilities and more. Manipulate Character stats, roll virtual dice and track combat all through a customizable interface that allows you to house rule and homebrew your way to your ideal game. The revolutionary tile driven dashboard grants total control over your character sheet like no other solution can.

Instant access to tons of content in the form of Items, Spells, Stats, Abilities, Monsters and more can be added in seconds to your favorite games. Game designers, content creators, or even users can share their creations with the world through RPGSmith easily.

RPGSmith wil enable you to reduce time looking up stats, enhance your gaming experience, and maximize your time at the virtual or physical table!

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