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Customize your interface…

to play how you want

                                Tailor your dashboard to play your character the way you want to play. Change the size, color, shape, text and more of your tiles! Personalize the location and arrangement of tiles on your dashboard to simplify, accelerate, and enhance your game.


GM Tools Coming Soon!

With the Base GM Tools launching soon for RPGSmith, many may wonder what that actually includes? In this article we’ll cover this in a bit more detail.

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RPGSmith News Around the Web

RPGSmith has been making some ripples around the web. We’ve been written about on various blog sites, mentioned in podcasts, and more. Learn about some of these mentions below…

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What’s New? 3-25-19

What’s New and What is Next for RPGSmith’s features
Check out this post about what we’ve recently added and what we have slated for the coming updates.

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Keep track of your stuff…

in style

Inventory management is a snap with RPGSmith. Add, remove, update, equip, store in other items, even create on the fly without missing a beat.

Don’t feel like reading?

Sit back and watch some videos. If you’re looking for tutorials, promotional, or news videos we’ve got you covered for all things RPGSmith related. Sorry, no cat vids here.

Perform & combine dice rolls…

with ease

                                No more hunting for that last d6. Customize and conveniently save your dice rolls to execute them again with the click of a button. Combine multiple dice rolls and execute them at once. Perform re-rolls for all, or even individual dice.

RPGSmith Features

Explore the wonder of the RPGSmith features in our visual Gallery. The Gallery contains a visual guide and quick blurb for each feature.

Get the details…

or just the quick skinny

Quickly and easily access the nitty-gritty details for a spell, ability, or item with 1 click. Or use the Grid and List view to see the high-level info. Even perform searches to quickly find a specific record.

David Sumner

KS Failed. Again. What went wrong this time?

Hey, our kickstarter failed. Should we take this as a sign to cease our efforts? Stop enhancing RPGSmith? Perhaps we’ve been delusional in our belief of how awesome this tool is and how much it can improve TableTop Gaming. So, should we pack up our proverbial tents and call it quits???

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David Sumner

GMing with the ‘Player’ Version

The GM tools for RPGSmith are at-best months away from being available for us to use (kickstarter launching soon for these, please support) but that hasn’t stopped me from adapting RPGSmith to march my minions of slithering cannon fodder to their demise. As the players would attest, the action has been fast, furious, and really really fun.

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David Sumner

So we’ve launched… Now What?

I’m sure you saw the official news about what’s been added to the app since the beta launch. This doesn’t mean we’ve stopped development on adding even more stuff to the current app. On the contrary, we’re still pumping out the features…

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Manage your character…


                                Give it a test drive, no instructions needed. RPGSmith is designed to be easy to pick up and use by new and veteran players alike. With tons of awesome hidden features, RPGSmith is the best character sheet you’ll ever use.

Who the hell do you think you are?

You may be wondering. Click the link below to find out a little more about the team behind RPGSmith.

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Tailor or create the game…

that you want to play

While RPGSmith has many Rule Sets already created for your consumption, there is nothing stopping you from adjusting those or creating a new one from scratch. RPGSmith can accommodate both RAW purists and those that choose to make enhancements as they see fit, seamlessly.

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