RPGSmith Help

The Search interface in RPGSmith allows you to quickly locate any needed record withing your character or campaign. Persistent at the top right of almost all screens is the Search box. Inputting a value here will execute a search contextual to the character, campaign, or rule set for which you are currently accessing.

Various options to change the types of records being searched and what fields are being searched for the matching string provided can be performed on the fly.

From the results you can select a specific tile to be taken to the details interface for that record. You can also long select (press and hold) on this record to launch the edit interface directly from the search results screen.

‘Everything’ Search

When initiating a search from the Campaign Screen or from the Character Dashboard the search by default will look through all record types in this game. Results will always be displayed with the image of the record, and the record name. Different record types may display additional information depending upon the type. When the search scope is set to “Everything” the name of the record type is also displayed along the bottom of that tile.

Record Scopes

The search scope is located on the top right of the search interface and shows the record type for which this search is being performed. Depending upon where your initial search is performed the scope may be set to a specific record type such as spells, or inventory, or it could be set to search Everything, which is all record types.

GMs and Players have different search scope options. 

Player Search

Players have the ability to just search specific record types associated with thier character, or they can also switch to search specific record types within a given Rule Set/Campaign. If a player were to search their inventory for an item, the character indicator in the top left would have a green circle around it to indicate a character search is being performed. Next to that is the Rule Set/Campaign name, if the player were to switch to the Rule Set/Campaign scope by clicking this option more results are typically shown, the green box now shows up on the Rule Set /Campaign Name, and the background changes to a manilla color to incdicate a search on the Rule Set/Campaign level is being performed.

The scope can also be changed with more options by selecting the scope drop down list located in the top right. The records associated with a character are noted with the character image on the right, where Rule Set/Campaign level scopes display the image associated with the rule set in that space. These options provide you the ability to narrow or expand your search to include the desired content.

GM Search

GMs have the ability to search through additional record types such as monsters, or monster types, which the players do not.

GMs can also perform player level searches by first accessing the character in the campaign and perform a search form that character’s interface. GMs would then have the same scope options the players do noted above, until the GM exits the character and returns to the Campaign Interface.

Search vs Filter

Some screens, such as the charater stat values screen associated with a given character have what looks to be a search field located towards the top. This is actually a filter field which quickly removes the non-matching content. These filter type interfaces do not perform full blow searches as this interface located in the header of the app does.


Selecting the ‘Advanced’ link under the search field allows you to select which record fields you would like to search for the keyword/phrase input. This allows you to only search names, or descriptions to scope in only on the records for which you’re interested. The selected scope of the search also affects which fields are selectable under this advanced section. If the ‘everything’ scope is selected only the common fields among all record types are shown, such as name, description, tags, and so forth. If the scope were to be changed to a specific record type such as inventory, these advanced search options are updated to include those specific record type fields like rarity & associated spells.

Selecting only specific fields to search and supplying the appropriate information can be very powerful. 

For example, if you would like a list of all 3rd level cleric spells, type ‘Cleric 3rd’ in the search field, and under advanced deselect all fields to search except for ‘Class’ & ‘Level’.