RPGSmith Help


The chat interface can be used to send messages to all participants of a campaign, or to send private messages in a one on one fashion. Chat messages sent to the everyone group are retained in the chat history, however messages sent individually are not retained and lost when your connection with that person is closed.

Separate Chat windows are launched to diffrenciate between messages sent to different users, and the entire group.

Participants List

When the GM launches into the Campaign, or a Player accesses their character in a campaign the Chat Participants list is shown. A color indicator shows all the player characters currently connected to chat, and the campaign.

  • Green = Connected
  • Gray = Not Connected.

The GM will see a listing of all Characters joined to this campaign complete with an image of that character. Players connected to the campaign will see a list of all other character’s they are not controlling, plus an entry for the GM displayed by their username and Account Image. All participants will also see an “Everyone” chat at the top of this participants list with a small image of the campaign picture.

Everyone Chat

As the name implies, the ‘Everyone’ chat is the chat channel all participants in this campaign see. Public dice rolls, commands, system, and user messages that are to be seen publicly by the other users are displayed here.

Unlike messages sent to individual users, messages sent through the everyone channel are persistent and can provide a historic view of past comments and information.

Expanded Results

Commands including Dice rolls shown here publicly are initially displayed in a sumarized result view. These can be quickly expanded to show the full command used to achive those results, as well as the individual dice results. Color coding of the dice results provide a method to easily identify what was rolled individually, vs static amounts.

System Messages

The GM may trigger various events in RPGSmith that will send a system message to the everyone chat. Examples are when the GM starts combat, a message “Combat has Started” is displyed in the Everyone Chat. Anyone can then click on this message, which would then launch the combat tracker for that user.

“New loot is available” is another system message that is displayed when loot is made available to the players. Clicking on this message launches the loot interface.

Time Stamps

All messages sent in chat have a date/time stamp which allows the user to see when that message was sent. to see the date/time hover over the 3 elipsis on the right of the message and the date/time will be displayed. This will be from the time zone of the viewing user as identified by the browser.

Sizing and Location

A number of different sizing and positioning options for the chat interface are available to you.

On the participants list window, on the top right corner there is a button when clicked would extract the chat interface into a new browser window separate from RPGSmith. This allows the user to have the Chat interface completely separate from the RPGSmith applicaiton.

After launching individual or the ‘Everyone’ chat window there are sizing options in the top right of those as well. These allow users to resize theat chat window to display across the entire width of the screen across the bottom of the interface, there is also an option to switch to a full screen view of chat which would take up the entire browser window. Once in these different sizes, the interface can be returned to the original size and location my selecting the button located in that same position.

By clicking the heading of a given chat window you can also minimize those at the bottom of the interface. Selecting this again would expand the window back to the original size.

Closing Chat

Perhaps you are playing in an in person game and have no need of a chat interface. Through the stack menu in the top right the Chat interface can be closed entirely, and reopened via the same method should you decide to launch it again.


When text or system messages are sent there is a default tone that plays to notify users of a new message. When commands are executed and shown in chat the sound of dice rolling is played instead. And when the DOC or DECK dice types are used there is yet a different sound of cards being delt that plays.

If desired these sounds can be muted. On the Chat Participants window is a speaker icon which mutes and unmutes the audible components of chat.

Command Execution

Dice rolls and other commands can be input directly into the chat interface as well. While the dice interface can facilitate all types of dice rolls sometimes you may prefer to just type in a quick command in chat. To do so just start the message with a “/r ” then input your command.


  • /r d20
  • /r d20 + [Strength]
  • /r d748 + 25 / [HP] ‘Not sure the purpose of this command.’

Prior Messages

In the chat interface you also have the ability to recall recent message or commands executed in the chat window. To do so simple click in the chat field and press the up arrow on your keyboard, this will recall the last message/command sent. Continue to press up to scroll through the prior messages in order sent. You can also press the down arrow to scroll back the other direction.