Sure, you can create a Rule Set from scratch to play any Role Playing Game you want. But many of us would prefer to have a Rule Set already created and ready to go. Not to Worry. We’ve got you covered.

RPGSmith comes with a bunch of Rule Sets ready to be added to your account complete with Character Stats, Global Configurations, Layouts for Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile Devices. Many of them even have hundreds of Item Templates, Spells and Abilities already created as well. So you can simply create a character assign some attributes and you’re in the game in no time.

Check out the list below to find your favorite RPG. 

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

Developed by Wizards of the Coast this is by far most popular RPG in terms of games played the market today. Of course we’ve got a …

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Created by Paizo, Pathfinder is a modified version of D&D 3.5. This rule set comes with a bunch of content.

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Call of Cthulhu

Probably the most popular of the horror genre games Call of Cthulhu cranks up this creepy factor as you role play your way through some spooky stuff. Created by Chaosium Inc.

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Savage Worlds

Adaptable for just about any setting Savage Worlds let you roll your way into adventure. Created by Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

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Fate Core

Looking for an RPG that lets the players drive the story almost as much as the GM? This is it! Created by Evil Hat Productions.

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Fate Accelerated

Like Fate Core but simplified. Created by Evil Hat Productions.

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Star Wars

Edge of the Empire, Force & Destiny, Age of Rebellion

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Star Wars Saga

QUICK info about the game and the creator/company

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