RPGSmith has some truly revolutionary elements not available or even seen before in other products. There’s way too much awesome to succinctly list on one page, but listed below are some general highlights RPGSmith can offer.
The free Player account will get you access to a ton of features. A GM account (for which a permanent license is very inexpensive) can enable you to organize and run a campaign like a pro.


Feature Description Video Free Account GM Account

Rule Sets

Instantly Add a Rule Set for your favorite game complete with Character Stats, Character Sheets, Items, Spells, and More. Or Create your own game from scratch and build world in which you want to play. You can also Import a Rule Set someone else has created in RPGSmith and immerse yourself in their creation.

Custom Character Sheets

Use the ready to go character sheet from your Rule Set of choice, or customize to suit your preference and playing style. You can also scrap the whole layout and build one from scratch. Play your character how you want and not how someone else thinks you should.

Base Records

Instantly access various types of records such as Items, Spells, Abilities, Buffs & Effects, and more. Use these as they are from the Rule Set, update any aspect of a record to suit your needs, or create a new one to add your own homebrew content to the game. It's super easy.


Not only can you rolls dice on the fly, but you can also create more complex dice rolls easily through our interface that automatically incorporate your characters appropriate stats. Save these for repeated use in a myriad a ways. You can also associate dice commands to a tile, a record, a stat, or just save in your dice interface for quick and easy access.

Advanced Records

GMs get access to additional records to control more elements of the game. Monster Templates, Monsters, Random Loot Templates, & Loot. Total GM control allows you to pre-stage content and make it instantly available to your players at the right time.

GM Controls

Create Campaigns and invite other free player accounts to join your game. As the GM you have total control over Player Characters in your campaign with access to their Character sheets, Inventory and more. You can even pause the game to ensure no changes are made between sessions.

Combat Tracker

Hands down the best Combat Tracker you'll ever use. With a unique GM & Player views of combat you can Track initiative, Add/Remove Monsters on the fly, reorder with ease, control what information and combatants the players see through their own Player Combat Tracker interface. Designed to provide instant access to any and all information needed. This will make running combat fast and fun.


With the randomization engine the GM can create Monster Templates & Random Loot Templates that, when deployed, will generate random stats, items, and other components. As the GM you can configure the likelihood of these randomized elements through a very intuitive interface.


The feature rich chat interface allows all members of the campaign to send public or private messages to others. Dice roll results can be shared automatically, Loot availability and combat notifications are built in. Even dice commands can also be executed directly in the chat interface.

The videos shown above were created using RPGSmith version 1.3. Updates and other revisions to the production application may change the interface as shown in these videos slightly.