RPGSmith Application Version

Browse the version history below to see the details of what fixes and updates were recently published to the Pilot environment.

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Version 1.2.18   (Build 0069)

Published: Friday February 28th, 2020
 New Features
  • Added manual font size control for tiles (#1014)
 Bug Fixes
  • Resolved bug when removing currency types still remaining for item and loot configurations (#1033)
  • Fixed bug to Random Loot configuraiton not saving (#1035)

Version 1.2.17   (Build 0068)

Published: Friday February 21th, 2020
 New Features
  • Monsters can now be deployed directly as Allies (#1017)
  •  Extended ‘Amount to Adjust’ control feature to Counter tiles. (#1018b)
  • When adding Character Stat variables in Note Tiles, you can now select multiple at once (#1023)
  • Additional Records Types (Spells, Abilities, Item Templates) can now be imported/export at Rule Set level (#1027)
 Bug Fixes
  •  When in Manage Tile mode, the long select to access the edit interface has been disabled. Resolves dragging tiles issue. (#1031-1)
  • In the dashboard the Dice button longer shows in wrong places in some window orientations. (#1031-2)
  • Fixed vertical center issues of text tiles. (#1031-3)
  • Resolved issue with the “Add Mod” interface not launching (#1031-4)
  • Fixed bug preventing deletion of Monster Templates (#1031-5)
  • Logging into the app now displayed a loading message instead of a stale screen (#1032)
  • Launching a dice selection interface no longer shows behind the active pop-up (#1034)

Version 1.2.16   (Build 0067)

Published: Friday February 14th, 2020
 New Features
  • ‘Serach’ randomization engine mode enabled (#942)
  • Chat style combat tracker created (#969)
  • Extended Record details interface to show all commands associted with the record (#1015)
  • Extended ‘Amount to Adjust’ control feature to numeric character stat tiles. (#1018a)
  • Selecting an empty Buffs & Effects field in the combat tracker now bypasses B&E display screen (#1020)
  • Added explainer text to ‘Rule Set Features’ section of General Properties (#1021)
 Bug Fixes
  • Resolved issue with crashing app when launching everyone chat in pilot (#1028)
  • Fixed typo in General Settings Screen (#1026)
  • Prevent app crash when attempting to update derfault dice using the dice selector interface (#1025)
  • Resolved bug with Character Stat variables in Note Tiles (#1010)

Version 1.2.15   (Build 0066)

Published: Wednesday February 5th, 2020
 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug associating a Character with the Rule Set/Campaign after creation (#1007)
  • Resolved several minor dice issues. Reroll gif would persisnt, couldn’t save dice commands, etc. (#1008)
  • Correct the RPGSmith Logo/link to return GMs to the Campaign Interface (#1009)
  • Character Stat Variables in Rich Text/Note tiles now function again (#1010)
  • The order of the entries configured in the Toggle tile now determine the order selected on the page (#1012) 

Version 1.2.14   (Build 0065)

Published: Thusday January 30th, 2020
New Features 
  • Record interfaces for GMs can now be launched in separate windows/tabs of the browser (#881)
  • Monster Templates can now be Exported & Imported to a spreadsheet for easy mass updates (#887)
  • Command tiles can now have their commands automatically added to the Dice & Combat Interface (#938)
  • Dice results screen improvements when performing multiple dice commands with the AND function (#961)
  • Inputting a search string on a given record interface now performs an on-the-fly filter (#963)
  • Improvements made to the Give, Take, & Drop loot interfaces (#971)
  • A quantity field has been added when dropping items from monsters, for items with quantitiy above 1 (#982)
  • When dropping single items you now have a quantity field if you have more than 1 of that item (#987)
  • Entire Loot Piles can now be  deleted from ‘Delete Loot’ interface (#989)
  • Invites to join a campaign now show up directly in the Character Selection screen (#990)
  •  New feature to quick input and add or subtract an amount from health in the combat tracker (#992)
  • Pilot Environment Creation and Launch (#999)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue returning correct results when performing searches (#993)
  • Resolved issue preventing the deletion of  Monster Template Records (#995)
  • Fixed bug when attemtping to Add Monster, it didn’t function. (#996)
  • Pressing ‘<-Back’ from Allies screen no longer sends the user to the Characters/Campaigns Screen (#997)
  • Fixed an crash when performing searches with specific parameters (#998)
  • Fixed several minor display issues, crashes in ceratin routines, and functional adjustments (#1000)
  • Resolved issue showing Combat Tracker & Handouts links for Standalone Characters (#1001) Thanks for reporting EGill!
  • Prevented a crash when launching chat in a separate window then performing a ‘public’ dice command roll (#1002)
  • Corrected inconsistent navigation bar when browsing different screens (#1003) Thanks for reporting EGill!

Versioning Format

EXP: Version 1.2.3 (build 45678)

  • 1 = Major Upgrade – This would be if we built out the GM portion of the app and released that with all those new features
  • 2 = Major Features – This would be if we released some new features, like Dice Animation & Search
  • 3 = Minor Features/functions – For adding new small functionality in existing features, dice results screen shows the record info for which it was executed from, etc.
  • 45678 = Every time we push out a new build this number increments