What is RPGSmith?

RPGSmith is a revolutionary, interactive, highly customizable Character Sheet application for use with any table-top Role Playing Game, from any device.

RPGSmith also performs highly detailed and innovative Inventory, Spell, and Ability management all through a simple and intuitive interface. There’s even a fancy integrated Dice roller. 

In the future we are expanding RPGSmith to have ton of GM Campaign Management tools that would allow players to join a GM’s campaign through RPGSmith to collaborate and interact with each other in some new, exciting ways. Some high level GM features are listed here.

That is a very watered down and unjust description, but if you’re in a hurry… that may do. If you’d like to see more details about the application, keep reading.

Customizable Character Sheet (Dashboard)

With RPGSmith you can create / edit interactive Tiles of information and store those in a myriad of colors, shapes, sizes and locations on a page in your dashboard. Engaging with a given tile performs a different action depending upon the type of tile created.

A tile could:

  • Link to a character stat and allow that stat to be updated instantly
  • Just be an image that is launched at a larger size
  • Link to the details of an item/spell/ability and provide instant access to needed information
  • Instantly execute a dice roll from a preset dice command
  • Launch a larger interface to edit notes displayed in the tile
  • Launch an interface to update a numeric counter

Several Pages of tiles can be created, and those pages can be grouped into several Layouts to provide plenty of ways to organize your Character Sheet however you like.

The ‘core’ Rule Sets built in to RPGSmith come with pre-created Dashboards. Once added to your account you are free to change the default layouts at the Rule Set, or update them directly on your character after that has been created.

Item, Spell, & Ability Management

Another big feature in RPGSmith is the management of Items, Spells and Ability records. With most RPGs your character will have an inventory of equipment.

With RPGSmith you can easily track what items are possessed by your character in much greater detail than just the name of the item on a piece of paper, or single line of text in a field. Items can just be a title, but they can also be flushed out with so much more detail. Details such as weight, value, description, stats, image, tags/categories, flags to mark if the item is consumable, equipped, identified, and more. Even dice command strings that incorporate your character bonuses can be associated with items and executed from a number of different areas.

Spells and abilities also provide similar and robust amounts of information to ensure tracking of this content is easy, complete, and very feature rich.


Not only can you perform typical dice rolls quickly though the GUI interface. But you can also perform complex dice rolls with many built in functions and dice types.

  • Perform multiple commands at the same time (AND)
  • Round Up (RD) Round Down (RD)
  • Keep High or Low number of rolled dice (KHx, KLx)
  • Use Exploding Dice (!)
  • Roll Fate Dice (df)
  • Pick from a deck of cards (Doc or Deck)
  • Roll between 1 and any number (Exp, d74842)
  • You can even create custom dice that output phrases or words instead of numbers

Rule Set (Game) Management

Rule Sets are the game in which you create your character. Rule Sets are where you define what items, spells, and abilities exist in this game. Rule Sets are also where you establish what dice this game will utilize.

Maybe most importantly, this is where you establish what Character Stats exist for characters created within this Rule Set.

A number of different types of character stats can be created, not only stats to track a single numeric value, but a stat to track a text value, or a stat to track a rich text value, or a stat to perform a calculation using the value of another numeric stat to formulate a new value. There are 12 different types of character stats that can be created to store data for a given character, each with their own unique and specific purposes and benefits. 

Like everything else in RPGSmith you can edit, remove, or add stats to suit the game you want to play, even from added or imported Rule Sets.

The Future (GM Tools)

Launching on the 22nd of March 2019 we’ll have a kickstarter to expand RPGSmith and create a GM management interface.

This would allow us to provide a GM account type by which GMs can create campaigns and then invite players to join that campaign through the application.

Once players are joined to a GMs campaign the basic features of this would include:

  • The ability for players to share their character’s dashboard with the GM.
  • The GM could make updates to anything on their players characters, including character stat values, inventory, etc.
  • The GM could make updates to the campaign / rule set settings (such as creation/removal of character stats, new items/spells/ abilities, updates to the default dashboard, etc.). These settings would be automatically updated for the player’s characters.
  • A chat interface would be created to facilitate sending private or public messages with anyone in the campaign.
  • A document sharing section will be created to allow the GM to share handouts, images, or other information.
  • A campaign page of tiles controlled by the GM but visible by the players would be established..
  • Dice result sharing to allow everyone one to see the results of your dice rolls would also be provided.
All of that would be included in the initial funding goal. The stretch goals would add a tons of additional features. A brief summary for most of those can be seen on the features page.