RPGSmith Help
Common Interfaces

Stack Menu

This menu provides links to various global areas and screens within RPGSmith.

  • Characters – Takes you to the Character Selection Screen. The number denotes the number of Characters created in this account
  • Rule Sets (player accounts)– This takes you to the Rule Sets screen. The number denotes the number of Rule Sets that exist in this account.
  • Campaigns (GM Accounts)– This takes you to the Campaigns screenThe number denotes the number of Rule Sets that exist in this account.
  • My Images – Launches a My Images interface that allows you to manage images on your account.
  • Account Settings – Takes you to the Account Settings Interface
  • About / Help – Takes you to the About / Help Interface
  • Upgrades – This takes you to the Upgrades interface where you can purchase enhancements for your RPGSmith account, such an upgrading from a player to a GM account, add more character slots, etc.
  • Exit/Launch Chat – When accessing a campaign or a character in a campaign the option to close or reopen chat is provided here.
  • Logout – Logs you out of your RPGSmith account and returns you to the logon page.

Rich Text Editor

The rich text editor used throughout the application provides you with a feature rich method to input textual data for a given field or note. A multitude of formatting, fonts, color choices, highlights, tables, link and other options make this a complete interface to store the data you want, how you want.

Rich Text Variables

Within the toolbar of the Rich Text editor is a option denoted by 2 brackets “[ ]” that will allow you to insert a Character Stat value as it pertains to the viewing character interface, or a link to a record or dice command.

Using variables can super charge your Rich Text fields to allow you to build a simple table of your character stat values, or a list of your inventory complete with the ability to select those and access the details or execute a dice configuration associated with that record instantly.

With Variables, player characters have access to:

  • Character Stat – Display character stat values
  • Link – Create a link to launch the details of a Spell, Ability, or Item associated with this character
  • Execute – Create an link to execute a command associated with a Spell, Ability, or Item associated with this character.
  • Command – Embed a command here on the fly execute when selected.

GM Accounts have access to create Variables as noted above as well as the ability associate the Link and Execute options to additional record types like Monsters and Buffs & Effects. The location of the rich text field may prevent some variables from being displayed. Generally with GM accounts the “Character Stat” variable is not available as the GM is not accessing a Character for example.

Image Selection Interface

RPGSmith is very visual in nature and you’ll probably want to inject images into records, tiles, characters, and even in other areas. The Image selection interface allows you to do that quickly and easily. After selecting an area in need of an image the common interface will launch and provide you with the option to select an image from a number of different sources.

  • Web – Utilizing the Bing search engine, from here you can quickly and easily search the web to find the perfect image and insert it with ease into RPGSmith.
  • Stock Images – RPGSmith has a bunch and is constantly adding more free Stock Images you can search, browse and select from to use within the app. These images have all been optimized to work well with RPGSmith.
  • My Images – Use this option to see all of your previously used/uploaded images and select those to reuse again.
  • Upload – Got an image on your computer/device you want to upload and use, this is the choice you want.
  • Remove Image – If you need to remove the image entirely, select this button.
  • Crop – Towards the bottom half of this screen is the preview for the image, this area also serves to allow cropping of the image to suit your preference. Just drag the corners or sides to the desired position and select Crop to set.

Depending on the context of how the Select Image screen was accessed a default RPGSmith stock image may be displayed. This can easily be replaced by one of the methods described above, or removed.


My Images

This screen allows you to manage any images you’ve imported or uploaded to your account. 

  • View Images – By hovering over an image and selecting the “View Image” option at the bottom you can view the full size of the image you’ve uploaded (computer only feature).
  • Delete Existing Images – You can select one or more images then press the delete selected button to remove these from your account.
  • Upload Multiple – If you would like to upload multiple images to your account you can select the Upload Images button and do so through here.
  • Quota Space Meter – At the bottom left of this screen you can see how much space is left on your account for uploads.

Account Settings

This screen assists in adjustments to your configurable account settings.

  • Email Address – Change email address. Allows the user to change the email address associated with this account. Requires email confirmation.
  • Username – This is your RPGSmith Account Username. You can use this to change your username If desired. The name would need to be available and a check is performed prior to confirmation.
  • Change Password– Launches an interface to change their password. (requires current password to complete). Password requirements are at least 8 characters long, must contain at least 1 letter and 1 non letter.
  • Image (optional) – Select an image to associate with this Account. Utilizes the Image Selector Interface.
  • Account Created – Date of when your account was created.
  • Account Type – Type of user account this is.
  • Delete my Account– Allows you to delete your account, you won’t need this.

Items of Note

  • Unique Usernames are enforced across all RPGSmith accounts. Be careful when changing your username as if you desire to adjust your name back to a prior name it may be taken by someone else and become unavailable.
  • To change your email address an email is sent to your new address for validation.

About / Help

This screen provides information and links to various aspects of the RPGSmith application.

  • Version & Updated information – Provides code release version and last date the code was updated information. Clicking this will launch the Application Version screen to list out our changelog of updates and feature enhancements for the associated version.
  • Help – Launches a Browser Tab/Window to RPGSmith.com/helpa. Launches this page.
  • Videos – Launches a Browser Tab/Window to RPGSmith.com/videos. Web page that Displays videos we’ve released to date.
  • Terms of Service – Displays the Terms of Service for the RPGSmith application. In case you like reading this stuff.
  • Privacy Policy – Displays the Privacy Policy for the RPGSmith application. We don’t sell your information, if you wanted the short version.
  • News – Launches a Browser Tab/Window to RPGSmith.com/news. Web page that displays the latest announcements and news from RPGSmith and blog articles from our staff.
  • Report Bug– It happens to all of us. If you find a bug, typo, or something that should warrant our attention please let us know by reporting the bug via this option. It only takes a couple of seconds and think about all the people you’d be helping.


Looking to enhance RPGSmith even further, this is the place. Browse the options and select the one you’d like to buy. Your purchases help keep us pushing out the features and enhancing RPGSmith even further for your game.

All purchases listed below (except for the 1-Year GM account purchase) are permanent. As long as you have this RPGSmith account you will always have that purchased upgrade.

  • Base GM Account (permanent)- Want to permanently upgrade your player account to a GM account this is the option you want. It’s pretty inexpensive too. Especially considering everything you get.
  • Base GM Account (1-Year)- Want to try before you buy or just looking for a shorter term commitment, the 1-Year subscription has some cost savings over the permanent option, and also comes with a 1 month trial at no cost. If you wish to cancel prior being charged after 30 days just access the account settings screen and un-check the auto-renew option.
  • +1 Campaign / Rule Set – Purchasing these will allow you to create additional Campaigns or Rule Sets past the initial 3 you get with a new account. Don’t worry, if you purchased additional Rule Set slots then upgrade to a GM account those transition over to become additional Campaign Slots.
  • +1 Player Slot – For use with GM accounts this allow the GM to purchase the ability to invite more and more players into their campaigns. By default the GM is allowed to invite 5 players to a campaign. With this purchase they can invite more. Any additionally purchased player slots expand the number of players allowed for all campaigns on this account. Well worth the money.
  • +1 Character Slot – This addition allows you to create more characters on your RPGSmith account past the default 3 slots allotted. If you play in a lot of games, or just like having fully fleshed out NPCs in your game you want this one.
  •  Remove Ads – Don’t want ads in the app, for a small fee those can go away for ever!
  • +1 GB of Storage Space –  If you store a bunch of images, or handouts or other items in RPGSmith you may eventually run out of the 1GB of space provided by default. Not to worry, for a few bucks you can just buy more.
  • Buy us a Coffee – Just feeling charitable and want to help support the RPGSmith team, throw us a dollar or two. It would be greatly appreciated!

General Navigation

Navigating around in RPGSmith is a breeze.

The Stack menu options are always present via the hamburger button in the top right, but once you access your Character or Campaign some additional navigation options come forth.

Global Navigation

The top white bar in line with the stack menu button has a number of links/display items.

  • RPGSmith Logo – The logo in the top left doesn’t just promote the app, it is also select-able and will always bring you back to you character dashbaord (for player accounts) or the main Campaign interface (for GM accounts). You’ll end up using this a lot.
  • Character Image box – Depending on the screen being accessed, you may have a character portrait to remind you of what character you are currently accessing. For search and some other screens you may have a green box around this to indicate that you are looking at records or content associated with only this character.
  • Rule Set/Campaign Image box – Similar in style to the Character Image Box this visual indicator will possess a green box when you are browsing content related to the Rule Set or campaign as a whole. These are also select-able when performing searches to widen or narrow the scope of your search results.
  • Combat Launcher (campaign only) – When selected the sword and ax icon will launch the combat tracker interface. If this Icon is RED that means that combat has started. 
  • Loot (campaign only)- When loot has been made available to the characters in a campaign the loot indicator is displayed and is select-able to launch the loot interface. Which player will be the quickest to collect when this shows up?
  • Handouts (campaign only) – The GM can make documents, images, and other content available for the players to download. The handouts indicator shows there are handouts available and provides the players a method to access those.

Character Navigation

When accessing a given character, the GM or player will have a number of consistent navigation options at the top of the screen.

  • Inventory – This will provide you access to the inventory screen for this character. link
  • Spells – Selecting this provides access to the spells interface and shows all spells associated with this Character. link
  • Abilities -Selecting this provides access to the abilities interface and shows all abilities associated with this Character. link
  • Character Stats – Accessing this area will launch the Character Stat values interface, which allows you to see and manage all character stat values for this character. This screen does not facilitate the creation of new Character Stat as that is done at the Campaign or Rule Set level. link

GM Navigation

As the GM navigates around the various screens in a campaign they will often see the navigation comprising of the items below. Note, when a GM is accessing a character the navigation changes to that of the character navigation.

  • Monsters – Selecting this will take the GM to the Monsters interface where they can see the deployed monsters in this campaign. link
  • Spells -Access the Spells interface for all spells associated with this campaign. link
  • Abilities -Access the Abilities interface for all abilities associated with this campaign. link
  • Buffs/Effects – -Access the Buffs & Effects interface for all Buffs & Effects associated with this campaign. link
  • Loot – This launches the loot interface where the GM can deploy or updated items to be provided to the player characters. link

Character Selection

Upon a successful login, Player accounts will be taken to the Character Selection interface. 

This shows all characters created in this account. For new accounts this will not contain any characters as none have been created. To launch the interface to create a new character simply select the “Create a New Character” Tile presented. If all Character slots on this account have been used (3 by default), the Create a New Character Tile is replaced with one you can use to purchase additional character slots if desired, you can also delete an existing character to free up a slot.

Character Management Options

By clicking the ellipsis on a Character tile (when viewed from a computer) additional options to manage this specific character are presented.

  • Edit – This option launches a similar interface as the new Character (Titled “Edit Character”). The only difference is that once created the character’s Rule Set cannot be changed.
  • Copy – Creates a copy of the character and brings up the “Edit Character” interface. A different name must be provided.
  • Delete – After a yes/no confirmation message is displayed and confirmed by the user the character is deleted.
  • X – Hides these buttons.

Character Creation

To create a new character for use with RPGSmith click the “NEW CHARACTER” Tile.

The following screen that launches allows you to create a character with a minimum amount of information.

Name (required) – Input the name of your character. This must be a unique value. No other characters can have the same name regardless of the Rule Set with which they are associated.

Description (optional) – input notes about this character if so desired. Only used on this screen and not elsewhere.

Rule Set (Required) – Select the Rule Set for which this character will be assigned. This determines what game this character is created to play. This section will list any Rule Sets that are present on this account (in a white background), followed by a list of available Core Rule Sets (in a Gray background). If a Core Rule is selected that Rule Set is automatically added to your account and the character created. A “Rule Sets” link is also provided below this section to quickly access the Rule Sets screen.

Image (optional) – Select an image to associate with this character. Utilizes the Image Selector Interface. If left unselected a random images from RPGSmith’s stock character images will be used.

After the desired information is input click the save button to create this character.

Items of Note

  • The Character name must be unique to this account. No other Character can share the same name within this RPGSmith account. Regardless of Rule Set.
  • Once a Character is created the Rule Set can not be changed. The character would need to be deleted and recreated under the desired Rule Set.

Rule Set / Campaign Selection

Any and all characters created in RPGSmith must be assigned to a Rule Set or Campaign. Rule Sets & Campaigns define what game you will play with a given character. “Rule Set”s are the term used for Player Accounts, “Campaign”s is the term used for GM accounts. Rule Sets and campaigns are very similar. In fact when you upgrade your player account to a GM account any Rule Sets you have added are converted to Campaigns.

Similar to the character selection interface, the Campaign (for GM accounts) or Rule Set (for Player accounts) selection screen allows you to see and manage any Rule Sets/Campaigns present on this account.

Both Rule Sets & Campaigns are where you can you can dictate and define many aspects the Game. At this level you define:

  • What Character Stats exist
  • What Item Templates are available to be quickly added to a character
  • What Spells exist 
  • What Abilities exist
  • Common Metric Labels for this Game
  • What types of Currency exist
  • What Dice types are added to the dice tray
  • Any Custom Dice types
  • What Buffs & Effects exist
  • the Default Layout of Dashboards to be used with Characters
  • What Monster Templates are available to be quickly added to the campaign (campaign only)
  • What Loot Pile Templates exist to be quickly deployed (campaign only)
  • and much more

New Rule Set / Campaign

To add or create a new Rule Set or Campaign select an option from “New Rule Set” or “New Campaign” tile. Three different sub-choices are present to allow you to establish a new Game on your account.

  • ADD RULE SET – Built into RPGSmith are a number of pre-created Rule Sets called “Core Rule Sets”. These are Rule Sets that the RPGSmith Administration team has created and are already setup to play some of the more popular RPG Tabletop games. After clicking Add Rule Set/Campaign you are then presented with a number of Games to choose from and deploy as a new Rule Set/Campaign in this account. See Core Rule Sets below for more information.
  • CREATE RULE SET – For those that want to create their own game from scratch, selecting this will do just that. This launches the General Settings screen which allows you to provide the global settings for the newly created Rule Set/Campaign.
  • IMPORT RULE SET – This brings up an interface that allows you to supply a Rule Set Share Code for a currently shared rule set from another RPGSmith user account. When a valid share code is input the import process starts and soon you’ll have a copy of the source rule set on this account.

Core Rule Sets

“Core Rule Sets” or “Core Content” is content created & managed by the RPGSmith administration team. All Rule Sets that show up when you select “ADD RULE SET” are examples of Core Content. After core content has been deployed (ADDed) to your account, you have the ability to change/update any of the character stats or records (Items, Spells, Abilities) associated with this Rule Set to suit your preference.

Records modified from their original “Core Rule Set” configuration can be “Reset” to the original state by selecting the “Reset to Original” option in the edit screen for the given record. Once the reset button has been selected and confirmed, any changes you’ve made previously are deleted and not saved as the record is reverted back to the record as it exists from the Admin supplied content. 

Rule Set / Campaign Manage button

By clicking the ellipsis on a Rule Set tile (when viewed from a computer) additional options to manage this specific Rule Set / Campaign are presented.

  • Edit– Quickly takes you to the “General Settings” screen for this Rule Set/Campaign. Also accessed by clicking the tile itself and selecting “General Settings”
  • Duplicate – Creates a copy of this Rule Set/Campaign and brings up the “General Settings” screen of the new copy of the rule set. All of the General Settings are copied by default except for the name, this needs to be a different unique value from other Rule Sets/Campaigns.
  • Delete– Deletes this Rule Set/Campaign from your Account after a confirmation is provided. This also deletes any Characters associated with this Rule Set/Campaign.

Just clicking/tapping on a Rule Set/Campaign image or name launches the Rule Set/Campaign Interface to allow you access the various aspects of this Rule Set/Campaign.