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More GM Tools Coming!

The designs are in and the functionality set, now we just have to develop and implement the next set of stuff coming to RPGSmith. What stuff you may be wondering? Let’s take a closer look at some of the new features coming soon to RPGSmith.

Monsters / Monster Templates

How can the GM run a game without something for the player to combat? Monsters are a critical component to TableTop RPGs. RPGSmith will handle monsters in a similar fashion as it does items today so you’ll have no problem creating, managing, and injecting these into your game.

Monster templates are created to establish the blueprint from which monsters are deployed. As the GM you can create or update existing templates to suit your preferences. There are even random elements which can be established in these templates (see the Randomization Engine section below).

Monsters can be quickly deployed from the Monster Templates in a specified quantity. Once deployed, all the details for a given monster can then be easily tracked and adjusted individually.

Combat Tracker

Very Cool, very feature rich, and very revolutionary, the combat tracker will help run combat like no other tool out there. As a GM you can quickly and easily get access to the pieces of information you need to run your monsters and keep the action fast, the players engaged, and the battle flowing. As a player you can get a clean, precise picture of turn order and other information the GM has elected to share with you.

To the GM, the combat tracker provides tons of information at a glance such as:

  • Turn Order
  • Health state
  • Current effects
  • Visibility and team assignments of the combatants
  • Round count
  • In-game battle length
  • Instant access to character’s records
  • Instant access to monster commands and details
  • And other stuff

There’s also a bunch of configuration options for the combat tracker which allows the GM to control the action. Options such as:

  • Selecting whether to roll initiative for the characters automatically
  • Choosing to re-roll initiative every round
  • Selecting to auto-distribute XP to characters for slain monsters
  • Controls player access to monster details
  • Group monsters in initiative order or separate individually
  • Determine if monsters automatically drop items as loot when removed from combat
  • Control what monster details the players can see

Buffs & Effects

Similar in creation and management to Spells or Abilities, Buffs and Effects are various assignable states the GM (or Players) can assign to a Character or Monster. Like everything else in RPGSmith, you can create your own or leverage pre-existing ones associated with a given rule set. These provide a great visual of anything affecting a given character/monster. Like other records, selecting a given Buff/Effect will quickly provide access to the details and provide information as to how those affect the target.

Loot Piles

We have loot in place already, so what are loot piles. Currently with loot you can add a bunch of items individually to the loot area for the characters to take or leave. Loot Piles allow the GM to group loot items into different piles. This allows any characters browsing loot to first select a given pile to explore and then potentially take items from.

This provides many added benefits. For example, the characters may have a base camp where they decide to leave a number of items they do not wish to take with them; vehicles, siege weapons, or just extra ammunition that would be too cumbersome to take along. The GM can create a “storage” loot pile which the characters can then drop their currently unwanted items into, the GM could even choose to hide or make the loot pile not accessible to the characters while they are not at their base camp. When the characters return, the GM can flip the switch and mark the loot pile as shown/available to the Characters.

This is also a great way for the GM to pre-stage treasure such as a Dragon Horde. The GM can decide and create the horde, mark it as hidden, then when the Characters come across this horde the GM can make it accessible to the characters to plunder.

Randomization Engine

The “Randomization Engine” isn’t a stand alone feature in of itself, it’s RPGSmith’s easy and powerful way to incite a more realistic and immersive gaming experience by providing randomized elements in your game automatically.

For example, a GM may need to deploy a number of the same monster type to battle the Characters. The Randomization Engine (RE) can be used to configure the monster template and provide a range of the monster’s Health value, or even different possible items or sets of items with which they possess. When the GMs deploys 20 ‘bandit’s from the ‘bandit template‘, the RE will randomly determine each Bandit’s health and items individually as the monsters are created.

The RE can also be used with Loot Templates to facilitate the deployment of random loot, like you may use today with a loot table, but instead much more automated and randomized.


There’s a bunch of other updates coming as a part of this bundle as well, all designed to enhance and improve your gaming experience.

Got an idea for a cool feature? Or a suggestion on how to improve an existing? Reach out to us via one of our social media outlets, we’d love to hear what you’ve got to say!