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Initial GM Tools Launched!

 We’ve been pretty quiet of late with regards to our social media posts and various updates. This is because we’ve been diligently developing the initial set of base GM tools to meet our promised implementation date of late July. Well, we’ve beat that targeted release time by 2 months! The initial Base GM set of tools are out now!
With this release you can now purchase (or subscribe to) a Base GM account which unlocks the ability to create campaigns and invite players with free RPGSmith accounts to join you in your game.
With the Campaign feature set the GM can now:
  • Invite players to join and create a character in the campaign.
  • Share access and control to the player’s character sheets, inventory & more.
  • Globally set and manage all character stats and records used in the game.
  • Chat with the players directly or in an everyone group.
  • See and optionally share dice rolls.
  • Create treasure using the loot feature, which player characters can take or leave.
  • Upload and manage handouts which the players can download.
  • Manage a ‘Shared’ and GM only Campaign Dashboard to store notes, images, and any other information using the tile interface.
  • Control Player actions by limiting their ability to add/create records for their character, or even “pause” the game to prevent all character changes.

To signup for a free trial of the GM tools (or purchase it outright) log in to your RPGSmith account and access the “Upgrades” section located in the Stack menu on the top right of the app.

Even with all these killer (and many) unique features now in place, we’re not done yet. We’ve already begun developing the next set of add-on tools for running a game that will include Buffs & Effects, Monsters, a revolutionary Combat Tracker, and a bunch of other stuff. Once available, all of this will be included with the Base GM account type available now. We plan to have these next set of enhancements in place by September of this year, but like the current set of GM tools we’ll work hard to get them in your hands even sooner.

As we have been for the past 6 weeks, we’re going to be heads down working to develop this next set so don’t expect a lot of social media posts from us until we have these next tools released. We’ll start to toot our own proverbial horn a bit more once we have those in place.

Thank you for your continued support. FORGE and Epic Game!