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What’s New?

RPGSmith has been making some ripples around the web. We’ve been written about on various blog sites, mentioned in podcasts, and more. Learn about some of these mentions below…


Campaign Mastery  –  published 4/1/19  article link

Hands down the most thorough piece of journalism written about RPGSmith with regards to the current state and the future. Mike Bourke is insightful and honest with his assessment of what he sees in the potential of RPGSmith and even the larger landscape of digital tools in this hobby. By reading any of his articles it’s becomes very clear he ‘knows his onions’. If you’re looking for a good deep read of the product from a neutral 3rd party and its potential spot in the industry, this is where you should go.


Stargazer’s World– published 3/19/19  article link

This quick announcement style article is great if you’re looking for a short description of RPGSmith with perhaps some of the most readily appealing features called out. Perfect if you’re looking for a quick read.


GeekNative – published 12/28/18 & 3/24/19  article 1 link  article 2 link

Andrew Girdwood over at GeekNative has actually written 2 articles about RPGSmith. The first when we launched the BETA version late last year, and a 2nd more recent article discussing our kickstarter. Both are well written, easily consumable pieces that provide a good look at RPGSmith and offer some good perspective on the product. The first is an introduction to the Beta offering and some initial thoughts regarding the products potential in the industry. The 2nd covers the kickstarter launch and the rewards available through that.


Gaming and BS – aired 3/25/19  podcast link

Brett and Sean bring up RPGSmith towards the end of their weekly always entertaining podcast to announce the product and kickstarter launch.