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What’s New?

If you’ve been paying attention you can see that we’ve made some improvements to the application since launching 1.0.  Here’s a quick list of some new features you can check out in case you overlooked them.

Dashboard Search – You can now perform a search right from the dashbaord for records that both are associated with your character and ones that are associated with the current Rule Set. After performing the search you can also change your scope to just a given record type, and to also to the character or rule set level. We’ve given you the tools to find the records you’re seeking right at your fingertips.

Dice Command Text – You can now inject text into dice commands. If you’re building a long string of different commands using the AND statement you can easily identify which command was to attack, which was damage, and really any other tidbits of information you’d like to include.

1-Click Rich Text Updates– Now when selecting a Note tile or a Rich Text character stat tile you will instantly be taken to the edit interface for that tile so you can quickly make updates and save the changes to Rich text displayed on the dashboard.

DOC & DECK Dice Type – We’ve built in new dice types DOC & DECK. With these you can pull a single card out of a deck of standard playing cards. The ‘Deck’ dice type includes Jokers while the ‘DOC’ does not. So pick the one to suit your preference.

Explode by default – You can now add exploding dice to the dice tray so there is no need to add in the ‘!’ after typing in the dice. Just click to add from the tray and you’re ready to go.

Dashboard Updates – Updates to values on your tiles or stats made from your dashboard no longer require a refresh, they just seamlessly save and update on the page and get you back to the action.

Link / Execute Tile Display Options – Now with the link and execute tile types you can select to see just the text, the text & image, or just the image. More options to display the information you want mean you have even more control.

Reroll All Dice – Ever have the need to reroll all of the different groups of dice you just executed, now you can with the “Reroll All Dice” button. When you’ve executed a roll with multiple commands strung together with the ‘AND’ command you can now reroll all of them with the click of a button.

ADD MOD Screen –The ADD MOD screen was loading too slow for us, so we sped that up. We’ve also added more control in your hands. If you’re tired of scrolling past stats in the ADD MOD you’ll never use, you can now select to not show those by editing the character stat at the Rule Set level, there is now a checkbox under ‘Advanced’.