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The Kickstarter is almost upon us!


The date is set, the goals are identified, the rewards selected, all we need now is for you to spread the word to more backers so we can pack in the features.

On Friday the 22nd of March 2019 at Noon (CST) the RPGSmith Kickstarter will launch with a very achievable initial funding goal, once we get that out of the way we can then start knocking down the stretch goals and make RPGSmith into the only app you’ll need to run a game, or an entire campaign.

The initial funding goal will provide us with the ability to build the base GM functionality. This feature set would enable the GM to do things like:

  • Create and manage campaigns (similar to Rule Sets in the current player version).
  • GMs can invite player accounts to join their campaign.
  • Players can share their character’s dashboard with the GM.
  • GMs can make updates to anything on their player’s characters, including character stat values, inventory, etc.
  • The GM could make updates to the Campaign / Rule Set settings (such as creation/removal of character stats, new items/spells/ abilities, updates to the default dashboard, etc.). These settings would be automatically updated for the characters.
  • A Chat interface would be created to facilitate sending private or public messages with anyone in the campaign.
  • A document sharing section will be created to allow the GM to share handouts, images, and other information.
  • A campaign page of tiles controlled by the GM but visible by the players would be established.
  • Dice results sharing to allow everyone one to see the results of dice rolls would also be provided.
 Rapidly after the funding goal is achieved, the Stretch Goals will really round out the application by adding the big ticket aspects such as In-Game Shops, Combat Management, P2P trades/inspections, and much much more. Check out our our Features page to get a glimpse of some of the things we’re cookin for the Kickstarter Stretch Goals.


Another hugely important goal of this kickstarter is to raise enough funds to continue to provide player access to RPGSmith for free, both cost-free and ad-free. We’ve seen some of the other tools out there that are riddled with advertisements and we would rather not eat up precious screen real estate with those. We would also prefer to keep player account types free, but we need your help to get us there.

Please help us spread the word, tell your friends, like our social media outlets, and most importantly… Forge an Epic Game!!!