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We've Launched. Now What?

I’m sure you saw the official news about what’s been added to the app since the beta launch. This doesn’t mean we’ve stopped development on adding even more stuff to the current app. On the contrary, we’re still pumping out the features. 

In addition to the subtle tweaks, performance enhancements, and minor bug fixes. here’s some of the more significant items still on our ‘to do‘ list coming to the free Player version of RPGSmith.


Tiles on Records

In the plans since the beginning, place tiles directly on various records just like you would on your desktop. Allows for even more customization and information tracking at a more granular level.

Dense View

Want to see even more of your spells on the screen at one time? With the ‘Dense‘ view you’ll now be able to see smaller tiles of the spells, abilities, and items associated with your character, so fit even more of your associated records on the screen at once. Great for mobile devices.

Item Bundles

Create a ‘bundle’ of item templates that can be added to a character which would add all of the individual items associated in that bundle to your character at once.

Dice Animation

We haven’t abandoned our plans to implement a dice roller to the interface. While true that we are digitizing some of the physical elements such as dice rolling, but we’d still like to retain the feel of throwing the dice and watch them tumble and jostle to eventually settle on their results.

More Stuff

Again, what you see listed above are just significant improvements we’ve identified. As our user base grows we’re going to get more insight as to how RPGSmith is used, and we’ll also get feedback from you as to what you would like to see.  We take your requests seriously and work to incorporate what we can in the app to benefit everyone. So keep those ideas coming!