Stay tuned to the news feed for official announcements from RPGSmith.

Site Up, App Up, Thumbs Up!

Hello and welcome to!

As you have no doubt noticed we have a snazzy application to help you with your tabletop Role Playing Games.

In this inaugural news article, we’re going to give you a brief rundown of what you can find on the website that gives you a ton of information about the app. like almost all websites is comprised of a home page and several sub-pages.


Home – See current promotional material, the current news, and find links to all other portions of

News– This is where you come to find information like what you’re reading now. This is the place to go for official announcements. Browse through past posts or just get the most recent information regarding the present and future of RPGSmith.

VideosVisit this page to see a consolidated look at all the videos RPGSmith has put out. Whether they be instructional, editorial or of an announcement nature, lots of good information can be gleaned here.

FeaturesGo here to see a quick blurb and image of the high-profile features in RPGSmith. This isn’t a complete list of everything for which RPGSmith is capable, but if you’re looking to get an idea of the main offerings this is a good place to browse.

Blog– Go inside the mind of David, (it’s a quick trip) and perhaps learn some subtle insights as to what is coming before an official announcement occurs. Learn about cool tricks or methods to help improve your game using RPGSmith.

About Us– This wasn’t built by robots. Learn about the team behind the application, our motivations, and why we will continue to innovate and bring more to the app and ensure you get the most out of RPGSmith.

Help– We know very few people look at this stuff but we feel obligated to create it anyways. A thorough and handy guide if you’re looking to learn about the specifics of how to use RPGSmith.

Stay posted for more official announcements. More big things are coming!