The Co-Creator of RPGSmith and avid Gamer. He just hates all the book keeping that comes with it.

New Features Coming

The kickstarter will launch soon to get funding to build the GM portions of RPGSmith. But that doesn’t mean we’re not pushing out new features to the current app. In addition to bug fixes and such we’re also going to enhance the existing free application with the following updates.


Dice Animation

Sure, we’ve got a pretty slick dice interface, but we also plan to incorporate dice animation to see the polyhedrals fly across the screen. Quickly perform re-rolls of all dice from this interface by dragging your mouse (or finger) across the screen. A single click will bring you to the familiar dice results interface to see even more detail.



Quickly find the content for which you’re looking with the search feature. Change the scope to narrow your search to just items, spells, etc. Click on the results to be taken to the details of the record or tile of whatever. It’ll come in handy, trust me.


New Character Stat Types

We’ll create a couple of new Character Stat Types. In addition to the existing types these will be very useful with certain games.

Link – Create a Character Stat with which you can then associate an item, spell, or ability your character has associated with them. Play a game that uses Armor or Weapon slots? Create a “Link” Character stat for “Head”, now you’ve got a common slot for all characters in this Rule Set to place a helmet, or tiara I guess.

Condition – Establish various conditions for your character by creating a formula for each. This will allow you to formulate a series of checks to set a value for the Character Stat. Perhaps you’d like to track encumbrance, which is calculated by how much weight the character is carrying vs their STR.

  1. [InventoryWeight] >= [STR] x 15 = “Over Weighted”
  2. [InventoryWeight] >= [STR] x 10 = “Heavily Encumbered”
  3. [InventoryWeight] >= [STR] x 5 = “Encumbered”
  4. ELSE = “Not Encumbered”

Groovy yea? 


Emailed Rule Set Invites

Instead of copying and pasting a Rule Set code someone has emailed you, what if those showed up as an option to be Added in your interface when the creator shares their Rule Set to the email address associated with your account. Much easier.


Dice Screen Display

When executing a command associated with a record (item, spell, ability) show the image and name of that record on the dice screen. Now if you look away and come back you can easily see for what that dice roll was performed.


My Images Access

Get a management view for all the pictures in the “My Images” portion of your account. This will allow for removal and upload of several images at once.


TL;DR Even before the kickstarter launches we’re going to be adding more cool stuff.