About us

We're a group of gamers with kids, mortgages and all the other typical obligations that come for being 40ish.

We’ve noticed over the past few years as our responsibilities increase our game time diminished. On the rare occasion when we do carve out a time we can all get together to play, we end up getting to very little content due to time wasted re-learning our characters (abilities, spells, etc), forgetting where we left off in the story, and spending time re-equipping/tweaking our characters.

As the GM I got tired of updating my ever-growing spreadsheet to keep track of items, encumbrance for the players, their stats, bonus, etc. We couldn’t find anything on the market to suit our needs. A simple, intuitive interface available cross platforms and cross devices, that can automate and stream-line a lot of our record keeping tasks and allow us to make the most out of the time we have.

We all work in the IT industry and thought we could build something better, so we are.